Local Maternal Resources

Human Donor Milk Bank

Have milk to donate or are in need of milk, contact your local milk bank at Granny’s H.U.B. or Zora’s Cradle.

Free Postpartum Support

Black Birth Justice will provide free postpartum support to those in need! Contact them today to set up your consultation.

Free Labor Doula Support

Mama 2 Mama provides labor doula support. If you are looking for assistance or free labor doula support, look no further. Click the link and request a doula!

Sister Song


If you’re seeking financial support for your doula services, consider submitting an application for Sister Song’s Birth Justice Care Fund. Sister Song, a non-profit organization focused on reproductive justice, is headquartered in Georgia and offers assistance to various states, including Kentucky, by offering funds to cover the expenses of birth team members like doulas.

The Overall Midwife: Amanda Chandler, CPM

Amanda has attended over 250 planned home births.  Each and every birth was unique and enriching and has further cemented Amanda’s drive towards becoming an outstanding homebirth midwife.

The GBI HUB is meant to incubate and support perinatal health professionals and businesses.  Especially Black perianal health professionals as Black birthing people are subject to the worst birth outcome in the Nation. We are so happy to announce Amanda Chandler, The Overall Midwife will be seeing her Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana clients at the GBI HUB. We are so happy to help expand access to her and her services!

Churchill’s House of Hope: Maternal Housing

Shared Living

To schedule an appointment:


  • Pregnant Women & Teens (Kaya La’ne House)
  • Single Women (Yvonne Churchill House)
  • Single Moms w/school age children (Emma Brown House)
  • Single Dads w/school age children (G. Shively House)

UP: Day Shelter for Women and Children



In 2016, we identified a community need for women: a safe space for homeless women and children to go during the day to access showers, laundry, case managers and social services.

Healing Journey Therapy Services


Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional treating perinatal anxiety and mood disorders and more.

Momology Maternal Wellness Club


We offer an array of support and therapeutic services for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. We also provide generalized therapy techniques centered around parenthood and child development. We value supporting and holding mom and the whole family.

Milk Bank


Breast milk for those who may be in need. We believe in the power of breastmilk and pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) to address critical infant and public health outcomes.  The use of donor milk may be necessary for a wide variety of medical conditions or for short-term supplementation.