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Volunteer with the Maternity Pantry

Granny’s Birth Initiative is actively seeking volunteers to assist with tasks such as picking up substantial donations, overseeing donation sites, constructing our recreational room, and supporting community events. Kindly complete our Volunteer form to provide us with more information about yourself. Although we value all outreach, priority will be given to students and interns seeking to fulfill program requirements.

Volunteer Professionals

If you’re a lactation consultant, childbirth educator, or fitness instructor seeking a way to give back to those who bring new life into the world, Granny’s Birth Initiative invites you to get involved. We’re currently seeking dependable volunteers to lead maternal, parental, and fitness classes for underprivileged families during the birth process. If you’re interested, please complete the volunteer application form

Human Milk Donation

Become a Human Milk Donor

Support The Milk Bank at Granny’s H.U.B. and your birthing community by becoming a Human Milk Donor Today!

Through our Bottles of Love program, Granny’s H.U.B. houses a Milk Bank, a location that accepts, processes, and distributes Human Pasteurized Donor Milk (breastmilk). Access to Milk Banks is a vital resource for birthing people, especially for those affected by the formula shortage, infant allergies, infant health issues, or lactation production barriers.

Please consider becoming a Human Milk Donor today!

Couponing for Birthing People

Calling all Couponers!

Put your hobby toward a great cause! We are always in need of diapers, wipes, infant bath items, toiletries, formula, & baby food. Learn how couponing can help everyone.

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Community Sponsorship Opportunity

Birth KY Better:

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(Grassroots Organization)

Mamas Matter:

$250 & up
(Community Organizations)

Granny’s Givers:

$500 & up
(Corporate Organizations)

Birth Kentucky Better

Donating helps us continue to support our community.