Doula Dash™

Maternal Transportation

Doula Dash™ aids in the transportation barrier that plays a role in both the national and Black Maternal/ Infant Health Crises. A doula will dash birthing people to and from:

  • Prenatal/ Postpartum appointments (Up to 1 year postpartum)
  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Lactation Appointments
  • Newborn/ Infant Appointments (up to 1st year of life)
  • Parental Support Groups
  • Alternative Healing: Pelvic Floor Therapy, perinatal massage, yoni steaming…

For just $20!

The ride must be scheduled 1 day in advance.

Limited to 2 children & 1 caregiver
1 child, 1 caregiver, and 1 additional adult.

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